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Jarre & the Eminent 310

This is a must listen - Jean-Michel Jarre demonstrates how to create his classic ‘Oxygene pad sound’ by setting up an Eminent 310 string machine sound from scratch and then strapping triple-chorus and a StoneBridge phaser across it – instant Oxygene!

This is from the Planet Jarre podcast, hosted by Matt Berry.:

All the episodes are vital listening to any fan of electronic music, but this one is the best!

Synth Sounds

About Synth Sounds

Every fancied comparing the sound of every synth with the sound of every other?

Yes, us too. And here it is! A growing compendium of over 300 synths from the first golden age of synths - 1960 - 1990.

It will be expanded to include more recent synths and modular systems, drum machines and samplers in due course.

We hope you enjoy listening to them all and if you have a synth that isn't currently represented by a sample, then please send it to us at



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