Synth Evolution are proud to offer the world's first complete poster of all production synthesizers made between 1960 and 1995.

Each synth has been lovingly illustrated by hand and set chronologically in a poster that tells the story of electronic music over the last 50 years.

Available in two versions (black or white), and printed on high quality 200gsm paper, this A0 poster will provide a talking point in any studio or home.

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This has been a project that has taken over 18 months to research, illustrate and design - a project that perfectly matches our passion for synthesizers and was a joy to work on.

From the earliest Buchla 100 and mighty Moog Modulars, the continuing sophistication of analogue synthesis, the digital revolution of 1980's FM, phase distortion and Sample & Synthesis, this poster has them all. It closes the circle in the mid-nineties with the invention of physical modelling - the simulation of those original analogue circuits.

All the favourites are there - Minimoog, Arp 2600, Prophet 5, CS-80, D-50, DX7 - a roll call of the instruments that powered the electronic music revolution of the last 50 years.

Sprinkled throughout are facts about the synths, such as noting that the Jupiter 6 was used by Ray Parker Junior for the Ghostbusters' bassline, or the fact that Joy Division relied heavily on the relatively unknown Transcendent 2000 for Unknown Pleasures.

Available in black and white, and printed on high quality 200gsm paper, this will provide a talking point in any studio or home.

Size: A0 (841mm x 1189mm)