BBC Biggest Weekend - gig reviews

Ok, so I wasn't at any of the events, but I watched a load on iPlayer; here are my reviews, starting with electronic music superstars Orbital and Underworld...


- Great set, all the classics (first five mins wasn't so keen on)
- Nice synth malfunction in Satan, proving something was being done live


- Rez into Underworld was amazing

- Born Slippy always raises the hairs, especially when seeing it enjoyed by 1000s of other people

- Rick Smith was clearly miming a record-perfect rendition of Rez. I mean, really? It’s not dignified to do that at his age!!



- Wanted to like it, but style of vocals just not my cup of tea

- I just can’t get on with live drums for an intensely electronic style such as D’n’B. See a foolish article I wrote for Sound on Sound in my youth: sss (I still stand by it!!!)



 - Quite fun 


Lykke Li

- Always loved Dance Dance Dance so giving this set a whirl

- This first song ‘Swimming Pool’ is going on a bit

- All the songs I’m finding a bit boring I’m afraid. One chord per bar, vocal style unchanging, etc. 

- Enjoyed the second half a bit better, more interesting sounds and evocative atmosphere.

- No Dance Dance Dance! Wot a swizz!


Public Service Broadcasting

- not entirely convinced by the four-part Titanic piece, but at least they’d made an effort for the location

- Will they play Spitfire?

- Yes!

- Enjoyed second half of their set from Spitfire onwards


Simple Minds

 - Yeah, I know, a bit of nostalgia. Good 80’s keyboard styles! 



- This was great, need to track down more of their material