New synth poster to be unveiled at Synthfest!

I hope you’ve all got your tickets to #synthfest2018? Synth Evolution are very proud to be hosting a stand with our posters, mugs and t-shirts. (Plus an interactive version of the SynthSounds website)

Not only that, but we’re launching a new poster - ‘Syntheseizer’s Greatest Hits’ which features all the most important and influential synthesizers of the last 80 years (yes, 80 - can you guess the earliest?' ;-) 10% discount to the first correct answer!

Here’s a sneak preview:

Synth Evolution - A1 poster - ‘Synthesizer’s greatest hits’

Synth Evolution - A1 poster - ‘Synthesizer’s greatest hits’

It will also available in white, and will be on sale on this website from October 7th 2018.