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Jarre & the Eminent 310

This is a must listen - Jean-Michel Jarre demonstrates how to create his classic ‘Oxygene pad sound’ by setting up an Eminent 310 string machine sound from scratch and then strapping triple-chorus and a StoneBridge phaser across it – instant Oxygene!

This is from the Planet Jarre podcast, hosted by Matt Berry.:

All the episodes are vital listening to any fan of electronic music, but this one is the best!

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Chapter 2: Berlin. Tracks from Rave On by Matthew Collins

Following on from Chapter 1, here are the tracks mentioned in Chapter 2 of Matthew Collins' excellent 'Rave On' book. As noted before, there's no point just reading about the music of a scene - it kinda helps to hear it as well!

The Berlin chapter focuses on the import of techno to Berlin, the free parties of Love Parade and the sex parties of Berghain, Snax and others.

As a result the playlist is early 90's techno and artists like Westbam, Jam & Spoon, Spiral Tribe, etc.



Worth a watch - Free Tekno documentary about the current incarnation of the free party scene, a la Spiral Tribe:



Some recent BBC Synth clips...

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 13.29.14.png


Peter Zinovieff of EMS talking about the VSC3:

Hannah Peel talks about EDP Wasp:

Article about women and synths:

(not sure about the clickbait title - the article doesn't make any actual references to feminism. It's just an article about female synth players. Why would a synth be a feminist instrument? Doesn't really make any sense. Anyway, the link to Eliane Radigue is well worth a listen)