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SynthFest 2019! I'll be there!

Pleased to announce Synth Evolution will be hosting a stall at Synthfest this year. Last year was a blast! (Exhausting, but still a blast).

It’s October 6th 2019 at the Octagon Centre, Sheffield, UK.
All the details are here:

I’ll have some exclusive Synth Evolution products this year - more mugs, t-shirts and mousemats with all the synths we know and love on them.

See you there!

ps: I notice in the Sound on Sound video from last year, you can just see the edge of my stand with Martin Ware (Human League, Heaven 17) standing somewhere in front of it. Success!


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SynthFestUK - new poster & fun times

SynthFestUK was a blast! Held in Sheffield, UK in October 2018, our stand was up near the entrance of the upper level. Had a great view of the Novation stand and Erica Synth opposite, and was sandwiched between KMR Audio and Tubbutec.

This was how the stand was looking after set-up on Friday:

Synth Evolution stand at #SynthFestUK 2018

Synth Evolution stand at #SynthFestUK 2018

Picture doesn’t include the iPad I had with the website on so visitors could check out all the vintage synth sounds on that site.

The day was a great success - many happy visitors leaving the show with Synth Evolution posters, mugs and t-shirts. Would definitely love to do it again. The best thing was meeting people and ‘talking synth’ for eight hours! Tiring, but fun. Was great to find out about people’s set-ups and synths. And how far some people had come - Germany, Sweden, Belgium for some.

I walked past Will Gregory (Goldfrapp, WG’s Moog Orchestra) and Martyn Ware (Human League, Heaven 17). (Did I ever mention that I’ve supported the Human League with my band Cassette Eletrik in 2007? Probably.) It was also great meeting writers and editors of Sound on Sound and Electronic Sound, both magazines I’ve been a fan and reader (and occasional writter) for years.

The only thing I’d do differently next time is to bring a buddy to share shift duty on the stand. I literally only had 10 mins break all day and didn’t actually get to see any of the synths or talks. HIGHLY FRUSTRATING!!! :-)